"Statuesque": (of a woman) attractively tall, graceful, and dignified (Oxford Dictionaries)

We want to help ladies with larger and longer sized feet find their perfect shoe for every occasion so we have assembled an enormous range of longer and larger sized shoes from quality European manufacturers, starting from size 40 upwards to size 43 & 44.

At Peter Sheppard Footwear we truly listen to our customers and what they are telling us it that other retailers are simply not catering to this growing area of the shoe market. As a result we have launched our new and exciting brand Statuesque. Browse our online store and shop to your hearts content with an enormous range of longer and larger sizes available.

We have many styles heavily reduced, so some great bargains to be had in our extensive range. Whether it is larger sized dress shoes, larger sized walking shoes, larger sized boots or sandals, Statuesque is the home of longer and larger footwear.


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