ARCHE FRANCE - Australian Visit

Peter Sheppard Footwear invites you to join us this month and meet the Commercial Director of Arche, Bruno Berluti. The Arche brand represents 40 years of hand crafted designer shoes, boots, sandals and handbags out of the beautiful Loire Valley in France. Come into Peter Sheppard Footwear this May and meet one of the driving forces behind the Arche brand.

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Peter Sheppard Footwear is proud of its ongoing sponsorship relationship with the Royal Children’s Hospital. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE was closely associated with The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and the Auxiliaries, supporting many important projects that have helped shape this great Royal Children’s Hospital. In giving her name in perpetuity to the prestigious Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Nursing Development Scholarship, her remarkable legacy carries on through the advancement of nursing at the RCH.

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BEHIND THE SCENE - The Making Of Our Summer 2014 Catalogue

The Peter Sheppard biannual catalogue originated in 1984 and year after year has continued to show over 100 000 loyal customers the best of each seasons fashionable footwear. Each and every page is painstakingly taken into consideration so the best range of products is presented to our customers through this publication. We are pleased to present you with this sneak peek behind the scenes, proudly produced by our photography partners WOW Pictures of Hawthorn.

MUNRO AMERICA - Australian Visit

Peter Sheppard Footwear invites you to join us this month and meet the Executive Vice President of Munro America, Mollie Munro. ‘Munro America’ is Peter Sheppard Footwear's number #1 selling brand. The Munro American brand represents the premier line of women’s footwear in the global marketplace which is dedicated to sizes, widths and comfort.

Come in this October and meet one of the driving forces behind the Munro America brand.

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HUGO SHEPPARD & CO - The next chapter

Peter Sheppard Footwear is proud to announce the new opening of the new footwear business Hugo Sheppard & Co.

Hugo Sheppard & Co is the brainchild of Chris Sheppard, General Manager of Peter Sheppard Footwear. Following in his father’s footsteps, Chris has continued to provide Australian women with exquisite European shoes matched with unrivalled customer service.

Travelling the shoe fairs of Europe, Chris soon saw the opportunity to provide the next generation of Australian women with contemporary, fashionable footwear matched with the philosophy of tailored customer service. Named after Chris’ son, Hugo Sheppard and Co speaks to the fashion forward woman juggling all elements of a busy life. Hugo shows the Australian market that fashion, quality and comfort can work together.

The opening of Melbourne’s stunning Emporium was quickly established as the perfect place for Hugo Sheppard and Co to make its mark.

Join us instore and allow the staff to take you on a journey through Italy, Spain, Germany and beyond with beautiful brands such as ‘ Bottega Dell’ Artigiano’, ‘Paul Green’, ‘Toni Pons’ and 'Zinda' to name a few.

Hugo Sheppard and Co ’So many shoes and so little time’
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