To our loyal Peter Sheppard family,

I am so proud to be presenting to you our Autumn/Winter catalogue. What I love most about our company is the people that I work alongside with every day. Their passion and dedication to provide you with the most memorable service is what has stood us apart from other retailers for 43 years. We foster a culture of inclusiveness, where every single person feels valued and part of our corporate family.

Our customers are also part of this family. I spent much of my training on the shop floor and I still thoroughly enjoy being there and building relationships with our customers from whom I learn so much. When you walk into our stores we want you to feel like you are walking into our home where you are a welcomed guest. We are honoured you chose to visit us.

Our range this season has been carefully selected based on your feedback and fashion trends. Your message has always been clear and consistent; you want to look good and feel good at the same time. I feel confident we have achieved this.

In 2016 we launched Urban Choice in Camberwell, Melbourne and a new Hugo Sheppard & Co store in Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney. Both shops have opened with great success and our expansion plan will continue into the future for these businesses.

Finally, after eight years of intense training and mentoring by my father, I am so proud to now be taking over the reins from him. I encourage you to reach out to me personally if you think that there is something that we can be doing better. I will always welcome your feedback.

And as for dad…after 55 years of selling shoes... he’s gone fishing.

Warm Regards,
Chris Sheppard